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IT freelance coaching with HS Consulting

Do you want to take the plunge and finally start freelancing? Maybe you don't know how to ask for higher fees? Do you dream of landing a particular freelance job and want to prepare yourself for it as best you can? HS Consulting will support you, accompany you and answer your questions in a structured way.

From balance sheet to contract negotiation: a step-by-step guide

After taking stock of your experience, your personality, your skills and your major assets, we will move on to coaching. Following your needs, the coaching will prepare you for your interview, to forge a career plan and to develop your leadership in each situation, all while accommodating your emotions.

The next step is mentoring. This is about optimising your CV, assessing your value in today's market and helping you understand what makes smart prospecting. The last step is to negotiate your contract.

Everyone's profile is unique. Therefore, the freelance coaching offered by HS Consulting is totally adapted to your activities, your talents and your skills.

Contact HS Consulting today for more information on our services for freelancers.

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