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HS Consulting, coaching and consulting that is based on the recognition of emotions in a professional area

Do you want to develop your activities in the IT sector? You need a consultant to handle a crisis, support a project or train a team? HS Consulting meets your needs.

HS Consulting

Take charge of your own change

Whether for individual or team support, HS Consulting fully involves you in the evolution and development of your activity through coaching or consulting live or via videoconference.


After an analysis of the current situation (AS IS), HS consulting determines with you the main goal to be reached (TO BE) and supports you until its realization.

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Focused on all of the various possible solutions, our business consultancy presupposes that technical or organisational problems have already been identified. Depending on specific requests, HSHS Consulting can share its skills and experience in the field of team management, project management, training etc.

Understanding your emotional responses at a professional level: a genuine resource

HS Consulting focusses on the importance, understanding and acceptance of emotions in order to transform them into a resource. Giving yourself the space necessary to understand your emotional responses allows you to discover the real causes of the problems and to identify the most appropriate solutions.

If they are perceived as real resources, emotions allow the employee to feel better recognised and therefore more motivated.

HS Consulting

HS Consulting : from IT project management to mental coaching

The referent coach behind HS Consulting holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and is also a Master Practitioner in Mental Coaching. He is trained in both the fundamentals of hypnosis as well as Ericksonian hypnotic techniques. In addition, he has training in professional business coaching.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in project management, team management, optimisation of working methods in companies and change management in both private and public organisations in multicultural environments, his identity is multifaceted: coach and an entrepreneur first, but also consultant, negotiator and trainer.

Our core values are based on efficiency, ethics and transparency. Responsibility and ownership are, of course, at the heart of the values advocated by HS Consulting.

HS Consulting

Strengths and skills

HS Consulting is supported by values of efficiency, transparency and responsibility. These values are levers for activating one's skills:


Decision-making capacity

Dealing with multiple frameworks and contingencies

Experience in HR processes

Situational leadership

Capacity to learn quickly

Obtaining membership

Public speaking

Legal understanding

Experience in people management

Capacity for adaptation, integration

Embracing change


Coaching for freelancers

coaching for managers

Coaching for freelancers


Customised training

Do not hesitate to contact HS Consulting today for more information about our corporate coaching and consulting services.

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